Coffee Beans

Our 100% Arabica espresso blend has origins in Brazil, Costa Rica & Guatemala, has minimal acidity and a sweet, bold aftertaste. With a strong aroma, our blend is full of flavour that pairs well on its own, or in any milk based drink.

Fracino Coffee Machine

Equipped with a quiet but powerful dual-fuelled Fracino Coffee Machine that is more efficient, powerful and environmentally friendly than traditional gas machines, the S39 van will not take away from the beautiful sounds of nature.

Food & Beverages

Fitted with a large fridge and pie warmer, we always have a running stock of water, soft drinks, and delicious baked goods.

Specialty Coffee Menu

Brewed by a certified barista, our specialty coffee ranges
from the classics to the more unique coffees:

Also serving: Tea, Mocha, Hot Chocolate, Chai Latte and Iced Coffee/Chocolate, Water and various Soft Drinks.
Milk: Full Cream, Light, Almond Milk (Alternative Dairy Co) , Soy Milk (Alternative Dairy Co) , Oat Milk (Alternative Dairy Co) , Lactose Free Milk (Liddells).